Сергей Удовик

Сергей Удовик

Коренной киевлянин. Директор издательства «Ваклер», журналист. Влюблен в Киев.
Автор многих фотоальбомов о Киеве, его истории, архитектуре и киевлянах. 

26 августа у него День рождения.

Поздравляем! Желаем всех благ и творческих успехов!

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  2. BTW, you should consider using MacColor for tagging in your Mac OS X environment as well. Whatever it does, it does it slickly.

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  8. I’ve learned to love this product a long time ago when I was a windows 95 user because I’ve ran lots of tools and apps like Roxio, Magix, Nero..etc. But in all those years, I’ve never came across a software to work with the ISO files. My old HDD is dying and I’m really looking for a way to backup my DVD collection. I found this Daemon Tools Pro for Windows 7 64 bits on the web and I’m so excited to try it, I bought it as soon as I received the mail.
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